Sunday, October 4, 2009


I lie on the sofa, a little sad and lonely. I’m on my stomach with my back to the world. The door opens and it is you. Without saying a word, you come in and lie on top of me. You cover me like a blanket, your weight an anchour to reality. I drift off to sleep with you shielding me from the world.

Later, I wake up and I feel you reaching beneath me and I lift up just enough to allow you to undo my jeans. You lightly kiss the back of my neck, and then you rise up on your knees and lower your own jeans. You moisten your finger and massage me then you enter, slowly, softly, gently. You hold me tight. It is more an act of solace than one of sex. Soon, I feel you thrust more deeply and shudder as you finish, quietly, tenderly, with love.

Not a word has been spoken but volumes have been conveyed.