Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another very hot day

I made another attempt at teaching Marco to swim, this time with the help of Aidan and Caitlin. He’s starting to get the hang of it. All the boogie boarding this morning and yesterday has made him more comfortable in the water. Maybe he won’t drown me after all. And I was beginning to think he didn’t love me anymore after he almost killed me yesterday.

I had to remind him that this is a family beach. He kept grabbing me when we were in the water and he wanted to cuddle when we were lying on the blanket. I guess this tropical weather has us all overly ardent. Maybe tomorrow Aidan, Michael, Marc, and I will go over to the gay beach.

We stopped in Ogunquit after breakfast and went to my favourite store, Spoiled Rotten. Marc bought me a pink baseball cap that says Spoil Me. PINK! It’s actually kind of cute. Cait also got a pink one, and Michael got one in blue.

I can’t imagine what Aidan and Michael were doing last night but their huge bed collapsed, spilling them onto the floor. I don't think they weigh more than 200 pounds between them. What could two guys do with 200 pounds that could collapse an antique bed that has been around for 150 years? Meanwhile, Marc and I are cuddling up in a twin bed with no mishaps to speak of. Mum just goes about her day with her lips tightly clenched.

We have steaks to grill tonight and Aidan and Michael will be doing the work. Marco will make his famous sautéed mushrooms but, other than that, he’s not getting stuck in the kitchen again.

Have to go now, I promised Marc I would help chop the mushrooms and onions.


Anonymous said...

I knew it. You are Sand in my Hair.

Ciaran said...

It is a collaborative effort. Marc, Aidan, Michael and I are all on it together.