Sunday, August 9, 2009

Driving Home

Tomorrow, Marco and I are driving to CT. It is time for mum to finally meet him. I had a long conversation with Caitlin and she thinks mum will be there and be ok with it. She could have gone back to Maine already, but it seems she has found an excuse to stay on at home.

She has been living in denial for too long. I would like to take Marco up to the beach house for a week before I go back to school but it would be awkward to go up there and stay in Ogunquit and not see them. Anyway, I want to stay at the house. I don't care if Marco has to sleep in his own room, in fact, I would feel uncomfortable sleeping with him with the family all around me. And that's only sleeping.. I can bunk in with Cait and he can have my room.

Cait is a saint. Don't think I could have made it this far without her. I am more eager for Marco to meet her than the 'rents. She is my mirror image, the missing element of my heart and soul. I wish we were going to the same school. This is the first time in our lives we have ever been separated for any length of time.

I think I'll let Marco drive...

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Anonymous said...

That's the infamous Mustang? Nice.