Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In My Childhood Room, Part 1

“Bye Ciar, see you next week.” Ciaran’s dad yelled as he left the house.

“Bye Da. See you,” he replied. Ciaran lounged in his bed, the first time in many months that he had stayed there. Knock, knock, he heard softly on his door. “Da must want to say good bye in person,” he thought to himself.

“Kiki?” It was Marc, no one else called him that.

“Marc? What are you doing in here?” he said as the door opened and Marco stepped into the room. “I told mum that we would stay in our own rooms.”

“Your mom and sister left early this morning, and your dad just left. Unless you have siblings I didn’t know about, we’re alone.” Marco walked across the room wearing nothing but his underpants. “Move over,” he said to Ciaran.

Ciaran did what was requested, excited by having someone in his childhood bed for the first time. Marco took him in his arms and lightly kissed his mouth. “No fair, you’ve already brushed your teeth,” Ciaran said.

“Not fair for me, go get washed up,” Marco said.

Ciaran got up and went into the bathroom. He was glad he had brought everything he needed to prepare himself. He hadn’t been sure that they would be invited to stay with his parents and he wanted to be ready in case they had stayed in a motel.

He returned to the bedroom and joined Marco in bed.

Have you ever had a guy in this bed before”? Marco asked him.

“No. Remember I wasn’t out until after I left high school.”

Marco took Ciaran in his arms and kissed him. “What if my mother forgot something and comes back, or my father has no appointments”? Ciaran knew the possibilities of either scenario were small but the thought of being discovered added excitement to their encounter.

Ciaran tugged at Marco’s underwear and Marco obliged by lifting his butt. He slipped down the bed and took Marco’s swollen cock in his mouth.

“Ah, Kiki, careful. I am so hot for you. Don’t make this end before it even begins.”

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Hot, what happens next?