Monday, August 17, 2009

News from the beach

I just have a few minutes to tell everyone about my day.

I had a long talk with Marco about what he said yesterday. He said not to worry – he’s a fool in love.

It was hot, hot, hot on the beach today. We spent the whole day in the water. Marco is getting so dark – talk about sex on a stick. He is handsome anyway but he looks devastating with a tan. His Italian complexion is making the rest of us look like vampires. My whole Irish clan is keeping the sunscreen companies in business. I will get dark, but slowly or I will suffer. Cait already looks tanned, she’s been here all summer.

Not much to report except, oh yeah, MARCO ALMOST DROWNED ME. Let’s just say the swimming lessons were not a great success. We went out where it would be deep enough for him to float and, when a big wave hit him, he grabbed me and almost pulled me under. He’s actually quite good on a boogie board, though.

We went surfing for a little while after it got dark. Marco stood on the shore and fretted about us getting hurt. There were four strong swimmers in the water, only Cait and I surfed, though. Aidan has given up trying or perhaps he didn’t want to look silly in front of Michael.

When we got here last night, mum suggested that Aidan and I share a room and Michael and Marco share a room. Aidan turned to walk away and said they were going to a motel. He would not let his sister dictate with whom he could sleep. Then he said that maybe they should stay and, as soon as everyone was in bed we would play Chinese fire drill and switch rooms. He added that mum should knock in the morning, just in case. Mum ended up saying we should do as we please.

Marco cooked paella tonight. Yum. Mum said that was her favourite so we shopped for shrimp and lobsters and clams and mussels. He’s trying so hard to impress mum. I made the appetizers – yay me! Prosciutto with fresh figs and melon, and veggies with home made ranch dip. I also marinated prawns and grilled them.

Tomorrow, we’re going to try and catch the high tide in the morning and go surfing before breakfast. The surfing isn’t so great on the east coast, but we’re having fun. We’re supposed to have storms at the end of the week. That’ll make for some good waves. I told Marco about lobster benedict at The Egg and I, so we’ll be going there for breakfast.

I’m going to get very fat if I don’t watch out. Right now, we’re sitting on the deck eating strawberry shortcake with fresh biscuits and home made whipped cream. I'm going back for seconds.

More later from the beach.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time. I am also glad that Marco's revelation was just a minor glitch.

Anonymous said...

You WERE on DL last night. On that vacation thread. Don't hide yourself. Many of us miss you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, come back to DL, Ciaran, you're a sweetie and I miss your posts. Please?