Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The beach and then home

We went to the beach just south of where we usually go. It is not officially a ‘gay beach’ but everyone who is gay just happens to go there.

Marco is so horny today; he had his hands all over me when we were lying on the sand. I felt uncomfortable because Aidan was there (he is my uncle, after all) but also very turned on. I was glad that I was wearing board shorts; a Speedo wouldn’t have contained me. Even with baggy shorts, I found that I had to go into the water to hide my embarrassment. Of course, Marco followed me in and took even more liberties in the water. I think he has a good excuse to learn to swim now. We can get away with a lot more if we are farther from the shore.

We left the beach around 2:00 and luckily no one was home when we got there. We headed straight to my bedroom with just a quick stop in the kitchen for cool drinks. I hadn’t made my bed yet so we were in it as soon as we could rip our swim suits off. It was very liberating to not have to worry about being loud. We’ve been here since Sunday and we are always conscious that mum and Cait are right down the hall.

My tongue caressed every inch of Marco’s sizzling hot body. We hadn’t even take time to shower and he tasted like sand and sun and salt – every thing that I love about the beach. I enjoy making Marc groan. It is the one time when I have absolute power over him. He was moaning so loud as my mouth engulfed his cock that I was afraid they could hear us on the beach.

When He had finally had enough, he grabbed me and flopped me on my belly. He is so strong that I had no choice but to relinquish control to him. The energy that Marco had stored up while playing on the beach was quickly released with the pounding that he gave me. He made up for his selfishness by sweetly sucking me. He took a long drink of ice water before he began and his cool mouth quickly assuaged the heat of my passion.

It is rather tantalising to be sitting on the deck and writing this knowing that mum is right inside the door with Marc. They are getting dinner together and I can hear them talking as I type. Everyone else is out here on the deck with me. If only they knew. Again, I am thankful for baggy shorts and a strategically placed laptop.


Anonymous said...

Ciaran, you're killing me

Anonymous said...

This is a good beginning. You should not hold back. I enjoy coming here each day and being surprised.

Anonymous said...

You sound lovely Ciaran. Please post a picture.