Friday, August 14, 2009

My Sister Caitlin

Marco seemed to be quite taken with my twin sister Caitlin. We are like bookends, similar yet opposite in so many ways. I am creative she is logical. I am emotional, she is pragmatic. I am passionate, she is composed. I am weak, she is strong.

Cait is an old soul, put on earth to guide those of us who can not find our way. She will be the doctor or, more likely, a shrink. I will be the hack writer.

I think Marc was surprised at how much we look alike, at least before I cut my hair. She is not as tall as I am, around 5’6” or 7”, but our faces are very similar. Good for her, not so good for me. She is a beauty, with bright green eyes to go with her blonde hair. In high school, all the boys followed after her drooling and tripping over themselves to be noticed. Good for me because there was always eye candy to be had. Bad for her because she knew they were only interested because of her looks.

She insists on being alone even though there are guys at her school who are crazy for her. I am sure they are not worth her time, I am sure they do not know what a prize she is.

We complement each other. We are two sides of the same coin.

Oh, yeah, I am a swimmer, she is a diver.


Anonymous said...

Your sister sounds amazing. I have a brother who means the same to me. He's the one who keeps me sane.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, did it ever occur to you that you have replaced your sister with Marco? You might want to write about how/if they fulfill similar roles in your life.

Anonymous said...

So Caitlin is the pretty one? Do you think you look to effeminate because you look like her?

Ciaran said...

In a word, yes. That's one of the reasons I cut my hair. (see earlier blog entry)